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This page is in process of being created. When finished, it will tell of the many fortunate and unimaginable circumstances that have occurred in the course of the Moloka'i vertex project.

The Hawaiian corner of the Soul of the World was begun on 1 April, 2002 with our arrival to Kaunakakai. The generous response of several people, the passion for the project of Bill Kapuni, plus the countless poetic synchronicities allowed us to proceed with enthusiasm in the development of this vertex beyond material possibilities.

The location for the vertex was found: Kalama Ula Mauka. The energy of a pohaku (stone) defined the place. In a vision, the kupuna (sage) Auntie Luana discovered the name of the pohaku, Ke'Opuolani--a queen who was the sacred wife of Kamehameha. This is a long and beautiful story that will be developed here in time.

A vertex of 2.5m (8') in height was successfully completed on 11 May. The blessing of the sculpture, and the subsequent celebration, occurred on 12 May, coinciding with Mother's Day in Hawai'i and with the festival of the Mare de Deu in the town of Valencia (Spain).

The Hawaiian vertex would be enhanced by a proposed further excavation to a depth of approximately 5m (16'), revealing a larger section of the cube. This projected second phase of the sculpture, which has yet to be undertaken (for economic reasons), will be co-directed by the Hawaiian artist, Bill Kapuni. This deepening will create a space which, when entered, will allow a view of only the Sky and the vertex of the Earth. When emerging from this space, one will be afforded a view of Kalama Ula, its surrounding countryside, the cocoanut grove of Kamehameha, the ocean and the Southern Cross over Lana'i.

We are currently looking for funding to finance the Moloka'i vertex project. Any help or suggestion will be gratefully received.

The Hawaiian vertex of the Soul of the World is the first of the eight to be constructed, and its completion will be very important, not only for the whole project, but also for the awareness and expansion of Hawai'ian culture. In the book Hawai'ian Traditions, Malcolm Naea Chen translates Davida Malo: "In the genealogy called Puanue, it is said that the islands were actually formed from the corners of the earth and the sky."

This corner will be a new piko (center) for Moloka'i, and its resonance in the world will depend on its quality and dimension. On the other hand, it will be a gift from the Hawai'ian people to the peoples of the world: the memory of a way of life, maintained here but forgotten in too many other places, based on a natural understanding of the Gods, the Sky, the Earth and all its Creatures.



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